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Class name:2017 Greek Mezze
Class price:155
Class date:26/08/17
Class description:A great new class for the 2017 season. Lamb keftedes (Lamb meatballs) with radish Tzatziki. Spanakopita Filo parcels and pickled beetroot. Lightly dusted chilli skool prawns with rosemary salt. Pan fried Atlantic salmon Fillet. Lentil and quinoa with green olives. Miso eggplant caviar. Marinated oregano and rosemary Chicken, white bean skordalia, greens(seasonal) toasted walnut dressing. Dessert. Loukoumades (Honey Doughnuts), Pistachio and rose water Parfait, rolled dates. Chef Tania Tauakume.

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