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Class name:Indian Banquet
Class price:155
Class date:05/05/18
Class description:Lamb and Fenugreek Samosas & Masala Vadai (Masala Vadai is a small dumpling similar to a Falafel) Served with tomato Kasundi and coconut chutney Prawn Patia (Slightly sweet and sour tomato based curry from the Parsee of Maharashtra around Mumbai) Chetinad black pepper chicken (A spicy chicken on the bone curry from the Chetinar merchants of North East Tamil Nadu) Lamb Hara Dahniya Korma (A mild curry of slow cooked lamb in a Green coriander and spinach sauce) Spiced cauliflower stuffed Poratha (Flaky flat bread filled with deeply roasted spiced Cauliflower) Coconut Panna cotta with grilled pineapple and Kithul treacle (A creamy interpretation of a the classic panna cotta sauced with smokey Kithul Treacle from the South Indian states) Chef Brian Smith NB Not suitable for Celiacs or other severe food allergies.

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