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Class name:. Taste of Japan
Class price:165
Class date:13/05/18
Class description:Award winning ex Shiki Restaurant Chef Yukiko Anschutz teaches modern Japanese dishes for Teppan Yaki style cooking. This class is all about mastering fresh seafood dishes, demystifying Japanese ingredients and enjoying our new deluxe Teppan Yaki style barbeques. Okonomiyaki Osaka style savory pancakes with thinly sliced pork served with sweet BBQ sauce and Japanese mayonnaise ;Snapper fillet with sansho mountain pepper; Crispy prawns with Panko served with egg tartar sauce; Grilled squid stuffed with fried rice sprinkled with Yukari ; Diced Tomato and Daikon radish salad with sweet soy and mirin vinaigrette. NB Not suitable for Celiacs or other severe food allergies.

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