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Class name:. Middle Eastern Meze 2
Class price:165
Class date:15/09/18
Class description:Minced beef Kofta dumplings braised in a rich tomato sauce. White beans dressed in sesame and toasted pinenuts with lemon, garlic and fresh herbs. Ijjie- This very simple mezes takes zucchini from being boring and watery to delicious and full flavoured. An elaborate, light Turkish dish of finely shredded poached chicken dressed with a rich walnut dressing. This is a classic dish. From Turkey, Squid filled with Basmati rice, braised in a saffron broth until tender and served at room temperature. Crisply fried pastries enclosing mild cheese and fresh herbs . Chef Mark McNamara NB Not suitable for Celiacs or other severe food allergies.

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