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Class name:. Morrocan Delights
Class price:155
Class date:25/08/18
Class description:A brand new Middle Eastern Feast with Chef Alice Nettleton. Tatbila (A delicious Arabic appetizer -light meat pies filled with lamb,onions,cinnamon, pinenuts and wrapped in filo pastry). Pumpkin and caraway dip with feta and homemade crispy breads.(A lovely dip perfect to serve with drinks or as part of a mezze). Pan fried Squid and Prawns with Harrisa. (If you like the combination of squid and chilli then try this! Harrisa is a spicy North African paste that is delicious with seafood.) Chicken Fattee with a chickpea pilav, crispy bread and garlic yogurt. (A delicious layered dish from the Lebanon. This dish has many components. Learn how to make this scrumptious chickpea pilav and marinate and roast a poussin Lebenese style with preserved lemons and coriander.) M hencha (An exquisite Moroccan pastry with an almond filling. M hencha means snake this pastry is a long filo coil twirled into a spiral and sprinkled with Icing sugar, cinnamon and rose petals.) NB Not suitable for Celiacs or other severe food allergies.

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