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Class name:Dessert Bar Master Class
Class price:125
Class date:22/01/19
Class description:A brand new dessert bar class for those addicted to all things good! 1.Chocolate delice, peanut butter mousse and salted sesame brittle. 2.Chai Brûlée tarts. 3. Brown butter, star anise and pear friands. 4. Raw raspberry and lemon cheesecake. In this class you will be getting the inside knowledge from a professional dessert Chef on how to bring the wow factor to the plate. Jodie’s love for desserts was kindled during her apprenticeship at the Hilton which culminated in her becoming the pastry chef at the Hiltons Grange Restaurant. From there she went on to make desserts at The Sugar Club in London and subsequently ran the pastry kitchen at COMO Resorts Cocoa Island in the Maldives. She has traveled extensively, worked with the best in the industry and is a most sought after dessert Chef by the likes of Simon Bryant,Karena Armstrong and Cheong Liew. We are super excited that she has time to teach some classes for us. In this 3 hour class ( 6pm-9pm) you will have time to sample your creations with a glass of wine and then take home the other desserts as well. We will provide dessert containers. N.B The choc delice, friands and raw cake are all gluten free.

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