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Class Name 2022 Travelling Chef
Class Timing 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Class Price $165
Class Date 07/05/22
Class Description This brand new menu from our Travelling Chef Genevieve Harris, class showcases the superb versatility of ingredients and Asian flavours from all around SE Asia. The class will take your tastebuds on a real cultural journey . Vietnamese Banh xeo-This crunchy, crispy pancake filled with prawns and pork is designed to be wrapped in fresh lettuce, herbs and dipped in nouc cham. Cambodia Smoked eggplant with stir fried minced pork. Long thin eggplants scorched over an open flame to get a deep smoky flavour. Split and filled with a sweet and salty pork and soybean stir fry. Malaysian Flathead curry with deep fried curry leaves. Aromatic sour and coconut milk curry sauce. Chunks of flaky flathead simmered in the sauce and served with the crisp crunch of deep-fried curry leaves. Indian Murtaback. Roti style bread filled with eggs and spiced chicken. Delicious dipped into the curry sauce. Served with steamed coconut rice. • Tahwa. A beautiful soft texture and a subtle, ginger sweetness that make this so fabulous to eat. I add mandarins when in season. Menu Notes Please note our classes use set ingredients and individual preferences cannot be catered for on the day. You will learn the skills so that you can change our recipes at home. WARNING This particular class contains seafood and nuts and is not suitable for customers with an anaphylactic allergy. The menu contains gluten and is not suitable for coeliacs.

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Terms and Conditions:

We don't have any real conditions except for when it comes to people ringing at the last minute wanting to cancel or change their booking. This does not give us time to fill that position... so here are our conditions:

Cancellations are non-refundable or transferable unless 5 working days’ notice is given.

If you have any dietary requirements, please choose your class carefully. Classes DO NOT cater for vegetarians or those with food allergies unless specified. All dishes may contain traces of peanuts. Please understand we cannot change/substitute recipes on the day for individuals.

A recipe might be different to the description - this is rare but sometimes an ingredient might be unavailable on the day.

You must be prepared to have some fun. :)

You can transfer your space in a class (or a gift voucher) to another person by simply ringing our office on (08) 8339 1314 . If you need to cancel/change a class and you're giving more than five days notice, call our friendly office.

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