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Class Name 2019 Travelling Chef
Class Price $165
Class Date 02/05/20
Class Description The wonderful food journey continues with this new South East Asian menu with Chef Genevieve Harris. Thailand - Fried chicken wingettes with sweet chilli sauce. Chicken pieces marinated in a mix of garlic, coriander and fish sauce, shallow fried and served with homemade sweet chilli sauce. Cambodia – Deep fried flathead pieces coated in sweet and salty sauce with green papaya salad. Bite size pieces of flathead are dusted with spiced flour, gently deep fried and then tossed in a palm sugar and fish sauce dressing. Served with a green papaya, tomato and beansprout salad. Vietnamese - Ba La Lot – Spiced minced beef wrapped in betel leaves. Small beef sausages flavoured with Vietnamese 5 spice, wrapped in betel leave then barbequed. Served in lettuce cups with fish sauce and lime dipping sauce. Singapore – Ayam kapitan or chicken curry showcases the Malaysian style of dry, thicker curries with intense aromatic flavour. It is a popular Nyonya curry served with white steamed rice. Indonesian – Bubur hitam. An Indonesian sweet treat made with black sticky rice, palm sugar and coconut milk cooked in the wok until thick and sticky. Served with a little extra coconut cream.
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