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Class Name 2020 Vegetarian Feast
Class Price $165
Class Date 05/12/20
Class Description Beetroot tartare, goats curd, pickled black walnuts, crostini. Polenta gratinee with sweet and sour peppers, basil and balsamic. Curried cauliflower steaks, hung yoghurt, smoked almonds and marsala soaked muscatels. Kabuli palaw- An Afghan Rice dish. Mushroom medley and talegio pithivier, leek puree, eggplant jam. Mushroom and cheese pie made with flaky puff pastry. White chocolate ganache, strawberry soup, pistachio crumble, lemon verbena and berries. Chef Tania Tauakume NB Not suitable for Celiacs or other severe food allergies.
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