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Class Name 2021 Essential Spanish GF
Class Price $165
Class Date 17/04/21
Class Description 1.Grilled and stuffed “piquillo" red peppers with goat’s curd and herbs Mojo Verde sauce. 2.Tomato Gazpacho cold soup with traditional garnish. 3.Traditional Spanish potato omelette. 4.Chorizo sausage “in hell” with grilled sourdough. 5.Spanish garlic & chilli prawns. 6.Traditional "Paella Mixta” with meat and seafood. The large selection of dishes in this class will see you mastering both Tapas flavours and traditional paella. You will be learning under the tutelage of iconic Chef Alfonso Ales. NB This class is not suitable for seafood allergies. It is mainly gluten free. There is bread as part of one dish which can be avoided for those Gluten free. But not suitable for Celiacs due to risk of cross contamination.
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