Yukiko Anschultz


Chef Yukiko Anschutz is our regular and popular chef at Sticky Rice Cooking School. Having previously worked at the prestigious Hyatt Regency hotel in the award-winning Shiki restaurant, chef Yukiko has a passion for Thai and Japanese cuisine and over 15 years of teaching experience.
Her past includes a career tutoring for the Institute of TAFE and as a guest demonstrator at major culinary events including the 2006 Seafood Soiree and the 2005 central market Tasting of South Australia. A Qualified Professional in Asian cuisine and trained at the Thai Cooking School at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, Yukiko has a great depth of knowledge for Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and Japanese cuisine.
Chef Yukiko is a perfect fit for the Sticky Rice Cooking School because she believes that cooking should be fun and exploratory; a fundamental tenet of her classes. Yukiko has a unique ability to demonstrate traditional Asian cuisine and then infuse it with exciting and contemporary influences. Chef Yukiko builds on this by making her cooking classes enjoyable and uncomplicated – she has the exceptional ability to deconstruct complex and intimidating dishes; distilling the recipes and culinary techniques into simple and effective principles that allow all lovers of fine food to improve their culinary skills.
Experience Chef Yukiko’s effervescent and engaging style by taking part in one of her cooking adventures.

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