2024 Mexican Food Fiesta

$ 185 / person
4 Hours

Tacos – Grilled corn seasoned with chilli and cayenne, drizzled with mayonnaise and queso fresco (fresh cheese set with vinegar or lemon/lime juice).

Prawn and tequila ceviche – SA king prawns ‘cooked’ in tequila and lime juice served with avocado, cucumber, and tomato salsa.

Corn tortillas and taco shells.

Chicken fajita – Marinated and then charred chicken, capsicums, and onion served in freshly cooked corn tortillas.

Beef Mole – Minced beef cooked with tomatoes, spices and finished with dark chocolate to add rich slightly bitter under notes, served in crisp tacos.

Red cabbage and pickled jalapeno chilli slaw.

Dessert – Mexican milk cake – A light sponge cake soaked in a syrup made from condensed milk, evaporated milk, and cream.