12 New Menus For The Rest Of 2015

Dear Food Lovers, Our Chefs have been very inspired this season and have come up with 12 great new classes to to add to the calendar from July 2015 onwards. …
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Dear Food Lovers,

Our Chefs have been very inspired this season and have come up with 12 great new classes to to add to the calendar from July 2015 onwards.  Here are the new ones showing their first release date.

Enjoy and we hope to see you soon.

Class name: Exotic Vegetarian Cuisine
Class price: $145
Class date: 29/08/15
Class description: The Indian or South Asian continent from Pakistan through to Sri Lanka and all points between is Nirvana for vegetarians with an amazing diversity of cooking styles. The fact that most of this regions population eat a predominantly vegetarian diet has ensured a wealth of delicious vegetable and non meat based dishes. Oothapam, these are large crumpet like rice and lentil pancakes topped with onion, tomato, coriander and green chili and served with Thengai Chutney made from grated fresh coconut.Dal Dhuaan a smoked mung bean dal from the central Holy city of Varanassi.Masale Bhaat a delicious aromatic vegetable and nut pilaf. Bhatti Paneer a spicy grilled cheese dish. Kerala Parotta the flakiest Paratha bread ever. Alleppey Style Mixed Vegetable Curry which is a far cry from the stodgy overcooked potato and lentil based vegetable stews that are usually served up. Chef Mark McNamara
Class name: .2015 Japanese Banquet
Class price: $145
Class date: 02/08/15
Class description: Japanese tasting plate (Marinated Atlantic Salmon sashimi. Natural oysters served with ponzu sauce and chilli radish. Grilled Japanese Hokkaido scallop served with sweet miso paste. Fish Escabeche.) Braised Pork belly with plum wine sauce. Kari kari yaki Chicken. (Twice cooked tenderised chicken. Marinated and pan-fried until crispy. Braised in sake and served with ginger soy sesame dressing.) Octopus and avocado salad served with citrus dressing. Agedashi Dofu (deepfried tofu with potato starch served with Tempura sauce, white radish and ginger with chilli powder). Chef Yukiko Anschutz- ex Chef from Shiki restaurant.
Class name: . Thai Winners
Class price: $145
Class date: 16/10/15
Class description: Ma ho -Pineapple with Caramelised pork, dark palm sugar and peanuts. The popular authentic starter. Kingfish Carpaccio- thinly sliced king fish served with green chilli, lime and coconut/basil dressing. (this may be changed to salmon depends on the availability of the fish on the day). Crispy Tamarind chicken- marinated chicken with aromatic spice paste and tamarind water- cooked until crispy and golden. Pepper garlic pork- marinated pork fillet pan fried with sweet soy, oyster sauce and pepper with garlic chips. Som Tum- Spicy green papaya salad with King prawns. Chef Yukiko Anschutz
Class name: Mexican Feast
Class price: $145
Class date: 05/09/15
Class description: A brand new cuisine for 2015 from our popular chef Brian Smith.This will be an exciting cooking journey. Pulled pork Sopecitos (little sopes) (Masa dough pasties topped with Shredded slow cooked pork shoulder, Black beans, salsa, grated ricotta). Snapper Vera Cruz. ( Snapper cooked in tomato caper and pickled Jalapeno Sauce From Veracruz on the pacific side of the Isthmus). Beer batter coated Stuffed chillis (Filled with Chorizo and goats cheese served with Avocado crema). Chicken with rich red Mole. ( Chicken thigh simmered in a rich spicy sauce thickened with sesame seeds and almonds from Oaxaca). Puffy tacos. (Handmade Masa tortillas fried to puffy crunchiness).
Class name: .2015 Thai Feast For Friends
Class price: $145
Class date: 22/08/15
Class description: A wonderful array of modern Thai cuisine with Guest Chef Kelly Lord from the Multi Award Winning Restaurant Spirit House in Queensland. Crispy wontons. filled w pork, prawns & coriander served w homemade sweet chilli sauce. Waterfall salad of beef. seared wagyu beef rump tossed w coriander, mint & kaffir lime finish w chilli lime dressing. Steamed prawns. king prawns steamed w ginger, shallots & dressed w soy, Chinese cooking wine & sesame. Handmade Curry paste. Southern Style chicken curry. slow cooked chicken in a fragrant coconut, turmeric curry sauce finished w tamarind.
Class name: .2015 Taste of Thailand
Class price: $145
Class date: 21/08/15
Class description: Prawn dumplings. poached prawn & coriander dumplings in a fragrant coconut, lemongrass & galangal broth. Duck salad. slow cooked duck w citrus caramel & star anise dressing. Chu chee curry paste. Chu chee curry of pan seared snapper finished with a aromatic chu chee curry w kaffir lime. Stir fried chicken. wok seared chicken finished w a spiced black bean ginger & black pepper sauce Spirit House Guest Chef Kelly Lord
Class name: 2015 Essential Spanish
Class price: $145
Class date: 16/08/15
Class description: Baked whiting in white wine, Jamon and parsley crust served on fried olive oil bread and with Mojo Verde (Perfect for little entrée or tapas) Twice cooked Patatas with spicy Bravas sauce. ( Crispy Spanish Potatoes with Paprika spiced Tomato Sauce) Warm salad of Cider grilled chorizo, Olive Oil savoury biscuits and smoked paprika and hazelnut dressing. Spiced chicken escabeche with Peas, Jamon, caramelised onions and Manchego (Chicken thigh browned then kept in a marinade of Olive Oil, sherry vinegar, honey, spices, green olives and parsley). Spanish Prawn & saffron fritters ( Tortillas de Camarones) with Sofrito and baked Calasparra rice (Arroz al Horno) Chef Gwen Le Chendadec
Class name: 2015 Travelling Chef
Class price: $145
Class date: 10/07/15
Class description: Dishes from all around SE Asia give this class an edge. Seared Scallops on green curry sauce (Thailand. This is a rich green Palace style curry sauce) BBQ Hanoi Chicken With herb salad (Vietnam-Marinated and grilled and served with the ubiquitous array of Vietnamese herbs) Braised then grilled beef ribs with pineapple Jaew (Laos-Slow cooked in aromatic stock then grilled to caramelize served with a Jaew with a twist) Coconut and Shallot rice. Kang Kong stir fried with roasted chilli jam and coconut cream (Cambodia) (Sweet spicy rich and satisfying) Tapioca with palm sugar caramel (Modern working of Southeast Asian flavors) Chef Brian Smith
Class name: 2015 Indian Banquet
Class price: $145
Class date: 01/08/15
Class description: Kathi roll with grilled chicken Handmade roti cooked with egg then wrapped around grilled chicken and Kachumber salad Pasanda of lamb Strips of tender lamb loin marinated with garam masala in an aromatic cardamom and yoghurt sauce Murgh Masalam (Punjabi Dahba Chicken curry) A Northern Indian “Dahba “roadside cafe version of this curry Aloo methi Potatoes cooked with green chilli whole cumin seed, Spinach and Fenugreek leaf Tarka dal Toor dal cooked with curry leaves cumin and tomato then smoked with charcoal and ghee Lemon rice Basmati rice cooked with Turmeric lemon and mustard seed and roasted Dals Chef Brian Smith
Class name: . Spanish Tapas 2
Class price: $145
Class date: 18/07/15
Class description: Crispy Pork Belly with caramelised apples and cider. (A dish from the North Asturias- Morcilla chicharrones.) Grilled Quail caramelised onions, orange, manzanilla sherry and quince alioli. Air Dried Tuna (Mojama ) with roasted red capsicum, caper berries and rainbow chard ( a lovely starter or light lunch using the unusual Spanish ingredient Mojama). Traditional paella with chorizo, chicken, prawns and mussels served with saffron alioli. Walnut cake with brandy syrup another lovely traditional cake from the north of Spain. Chef Alice Nettleton
Class name: 2015 Taste of Morocco
Class price: $145
Class date: 04/07/15
Class description: Briouats of Goat cheese dipped in Amlou (They are little triangle of Filo pastry stuffed with soft goat cheese, mint and poached figs. Amlou is a dip made of roasted almond, Argan oil and honey). Chermoula Chicken Tagine with lemon and olives served with Mograbiah (Giant Couscous), preserved lemon, pistachio, currants and a pomegranate molasses dressing. B’steeya of snapper with almond and aromatic rice.(a small round pie made of Brick pastry). Aubergine and lamb cakes served on top of light and fluffy couscous. (Sweetened with honey and spiced with cumin, turmeric, and cinnamon.) Chef Gwen Le Chenadec
Class name: Spice Trail 3
Class price: $145
Class date: 11/07/15
Class description: This class celebrates food from seven distinct cultures tied by a common history. Peixinhos da Horta/ Ingen Tempura – Batter Fried Green Beans from Portugal and Japan. Char Sui Pau – Roast Pork Bun from Malacca. Balacoa –Prawn Pickle from Goa/Sri Lanka/Macau. Costelas de Porco Piri Piri – Grilled Pork Ribs from Portugal/Mozambique/Angola. and El Diablo – Devil Chicken Curry from Malacca. Arroz e feijão –Rice and Beans from Brazil. Seeni Sambola –Onion and Tamarind Sambal from Sri Lanka. Pastel de Nata /Daan Taat – Custard Tarts from Portugal/Macau. Chef Mark McNamara

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