The Story Behind Sticky Rice

At Sticky Rice, we are just as passionate as you, about food and learning to cook. Our cooking classes are far more than just following a recipe set. We promise a food journey that will inspire, delight and bring people together as we learn and discover new skills and tastes together. 

We look to inspire everyone to enjoy and master the art of adventurous and culturally diverse food at home.

Come and experience an award winning cooking journey with us

I just wanted to thank you today for an outstanding session yesterday. You and your team organized the event so incredibly well- it all went like clockwork which I am sure with such a large group is extremely challenging!
The reactions and experience of the Team far exceeded my expectations for the day… It was a very different experience to the class which I had attended in March. Yesterday was more intense and a fabulous platform for working through team building issues. Almost every single attendee has expressed to me how much they enjoyed the session- there were several people there who have been to numerous team building sessions in the past but had experienced nothing like yesterday- they spoke about the fact that this has really raised the bar and they will be taking the idea back to their own organizations to explore.
Yukiko was very good- she had the right mix of fun but discipline… we might need to get her along to our project meetings to keep the team on track!
I am an enormous fan of what you are doing at Sticky Rice I think you are to be commended for so effectively creating such a unique experience for people to enjoy…looking forward to my next opportunity to return for more!

Sticky Rice Cooking
Christina Coleiro

Adelaide’s Iconic Cooking School

Since 2008

Sticky Rice Cooking School has given home cooks and passionate foodies the chance to learn international cooking skills from top professional chefs for more than 15 years. 

Our school was founded with a simple purpose in mind;

to uncover the secrets of authentic recipes, master the essential cooking techniques from professional chefs and inspire and equip food lovers with the skills required to bring new and inspiring recipes to life in their own kitchen. 

Our mission to this day is to lead customers on a first class cooking and cultural journey that delivers a wealth of knowledge and fun along the way. We now offer a range of exclusive food experiences, food tours and cooking class options which gives us even more opportunity to fulfill this passion and purpose and we can’t wait for you to join us for our next cooking adventure.

We specialise in cooking classes for Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, SE Asian, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Spanish, Mexican, French, Japanese and African and Caribbean cuisines. We also offer hands-on and workshop cooking classes in cheese making, bread making, pasta making, dessert classes and a range of other specialist skills. We offer Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free cooking classes and cooking classes catering for allergies such as nuts and seafoods. We offer Kids cooking classes and Corporate team building classes, exclusive catering and private chef experiences and offer food and wine events with celebrity chefs.

Our Beginnings

Our founder Claire Fuller wanted something more than a cooking class that was confined to a set of recipes or delivered in a soulless kitchen; she wanted something more than a demonstration by a celebrity chef once a year; and she wanted something more than a basic level of tuition but without the formality of chef school. From this desire, Sticky Rice Cooking School was born. 

“If I go to a cooking class, I want a food journey, a day of discovery and I want to learn enough about the cuisine and ingredients so that I can take away the principals and apply them to my experimental cooking at home. I don’t just want to follow a printed recipe in someone else’s kitchen. I want expert knowledge about the cooking processes, I want a narrative that gives me insights, I want tuition and I want a passionate teacher who is a professional and an expert chef. I also want to come away with a deeper understanding of the culture and customs of a cuisine and why certain things are done the way they are in that part of the world. So I need that chef to have travelled and to understand the real origin and context of what they teach.

I want to make sure that the cultural importance of a dish is recognised and that the star ingredient is given due attention. I want to learn the identity and background of a recipe and I want to learn how to do it justice and get authentic results in my home cooking. So I want to discover new ingredients, new shops and suppliers, new market stalls and produce and learn something that would otherwise be a mystery to me. I want a guide to the Asian grocery store,an explanation of the Indian spice jars, I want exotic, I want global insights and I want to discover the secret sauce or seasoning that makes that restaurant dish taste better than mine.

When I’m learning, I also want to participate, not stand back and watch . I want to meet like minded people, but in an easy and non pressured setting where we can laugh and learn and make connections over travel and food memories. I want to eat and taste and enjoy the food in an inspiring, cosy and comfortable dining space. I don’t want to sit on a stool or eat from a plastic takeaway box or take my cold creations home thank you. I want spice scented ambience, delicious wine, straight from the wok food and friendly table service while I sit back and savour my creations with my new foodie friends.”

“In a nutshell, that’s why I created Sticky Rice Cooking School” Claire Fuller

More Than Recipes

Sticky Rice Cooking School is the real deal for foodies, wishing to take their kitchen skills to the next level and those looking to uncover the pivotal ingredients and techniques that make restaurant dishes enviable to home cooks. 

The cooking school has won multiple awards, 5-star reviews and attracts guest chefs from all around Australia. It’s secret to success is, you are being taught by the best in the industry and this 15-year-old business is passionate about the ‘’quality of the customer experience’’. The well-travelled chefs keep the classes engaging, fun and achievable for all levels of cooks and the actual knowledge you take away far exceeds any recipe set or cookbook.

You will find the classes lively with social conversation and inspired chatter. Your lesson is held in our beautifully renovated and custom-designed kitchen space, where the latest design in cooktops and cooking facilities are complemented by inspiring decor, reminding you of ancient times, foreign lands and Asian markets. 

During your day of discovery, you will learn an abundance of interesting facts and stories relating to the cooking customs and ingredients of global cuisines such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Japan, Spain, Mexico and Africa. When the class is over, you will dine on the delicious food and enjoy a complimentary wine or beer while chatting with new friends. You’ll then take home recipes, a wealth of knowledge and an ignited passion to heighten your love of cooking and eating world cuisine.

“For us, the joy comes from witnessing the transformation and excitement that builds as our students discover the key secrets of a particular cuisine and the pivotal skills involved in bringing them to life.” Sticky Rice Cooking School

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