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Becoming one of our VIP Members gives you free cooking classes, access to our members only recipe library and cooking tutorials, value add bonuses and rewards, plus early release tickets to special offers and events.

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Membership includes

If you’ve been to any of our classes, chances are you will want to come back for more, so we’ve created real rewards and VIP treatment for those customers who join our Membership Program.
Here is what we offer

VIP reward offer worth $165 on cooking classes

You will receive special offers during the year giving you the chance to come to more classes with a Free place as a reward.

VIP Gift Voucher Offers

When Christmas comes around you will receive our members only special VIP gift voucher offer which rewards you with a completely free voucher when you purchase a voucher for someone else. Our vouchers can be used for all our classes, packages or villa accommodation.

Early Access Tickets

When celeb chefs are in town you will be the first to know! Usually tickets sell out so quickly for these newsworthy events, but since you are a VIP member you will be given a chance to grab yours first and avoid the crowds.

Online Sticky Rice Cook Book

Sticky Rice Class recipes are a valuable commodity since they are not available unless you come to the class. We understand that coming to every class is not possible, even for our most keen home cooks, so we have created an online recipe library which we are happy to share exclusively with our VIP Members.

Members Only Access

Online class tutorials, supplier lists, product reviews, brand knowledge, food education, blogs, industry news and chefs tips and tricks are only going to encourage you to cook more and get better results, so we have created a members only access area in our website to give you even more encouragement and resources to become a master in your kitchen.

Newsletter Delivery

VIP members will receive our email newsletter straight to their inbox. Our newsletter ensures that you stay connected and don’t miss out on any new news or valuable information which we have to share. We have new products and creative customer experiences bubbling away all the time and we want you to be the first to know. Don’t worry we hate spam mail just as much as you, so will only email when we have something interesting for you.

VIP Membership

VIP membership is about the connection we can build with you so we have made this simple and affordable.

VIP Membership

Due to the promised value of our VIP membership we do need to limit our sign up to 100 members per month. If you are unsuccessful at signing up this month you can add yourself to our membership waitlist.

What's Included

Exclusive Access

Real rewards and value add offers.

Online Recipes

VIP treatment

Pay once, membership is forever


VIP Membership

Benefits of Membership

VIP Class rewards

Take advantage of Free Cooking Classes with these VIP reward offers.

VIP Gift Voucher Specials

We say thank you by sending you a free gift voucher when you spread the word about our classes. It’s the gift that earns you a gift.

Members Access

We have created a secret cave of valuable information for food lovers on our website ..but we’ve locked everyone else out!

Priority Tickets

It’s not fun waiting on waitlists or missing out on the big event. We look after our VIP members with early access to tickets and reserve seating.

Expert Chefs

Always wanted us to publish a Sticky Rice Cook Book? Well even better for you we have published a library of recipes and tutorials online which is free to our VIP members.

News and Alerts

Our Newsletter will keep you on top of all the latest news and give you first hand knowledge of what’s happening or coming up in our calendar before anyone else.



More FAQ about our membership program
Still have questions- you can call us too- 8339 1314

No, we want everyone to have the opportunity to join us and if that means you have found our website before you have visited us then that’s ok too.

Don’t worry we hate spam mail just as much as you do. We only send our newsletters or special offers on a periodic basis when we have something we think will interest you. Certainly not every week but about 1 once a month.

We segregate our VIP database and only send out special offers to each member when its their turn but within the first 6 months you will have received a special offer for a free class and the voucher offer comes out before xmas each year. There are sometimes additional rewards and offers sent to everyone so you could be lucky and get the timing just right and receive multiple offers in a few months.

Each year our VIP Members will receive an exclusive offer. Only customers receiving the limited email, can accept the offer and the offer consists of a 2 for 1 ticket deal on one of our popular hands-on  cooking classes.

All you need to do is watch out for the email that says ïts your turn for a VIP reward! 

You then have the chance to book 1 place and get another completely FREE. 

That’s a $165 gift to our VIP members every year

We know that word of mouth recommendations are the most valuable form of marketing and when it comes to buying Christmas gifts there is no better time for us to reward you with a thank you for choosing to gift one of our Sticky Rice Cooking School gift vouchers to someone else.

So we say thank you at least once a year to our VIP members by sending them a Gift Voucher Special offer. 

VIP members have the exclusive chance to buy a voucher as a gift for someone through our members only access area and we will then send you back a second free voucher worth $50 for yourself.  For every $165 purchased you get a free $50. So buy 2 and get $100 Free. Buy 3 and get $150 Free.

 Yes its crazy but its real, it’s genuine and we’ve been doing it for years.

The free cooking class reward offer is a chance for you to book a place in an upcoming class but you can gift this to someone else if you do not wish to attend. The voucher reward offer is fully redeemable against our accommodation if you prefer to just stay. But if you are really not a cook then perhaps its not for you as the members’ access area is a real value add for members who are looking to upskill in the kitchen.