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What a fantastic opportunity for our students!

What We Offer

Our hands on cooking classes for schools, specialise in rich food experiences that connect culture, society and social education

Japanese and Indonesian cooking classes

Tailored to Japanese and Indonesian Language students. We have Chefs that specialise in Japanese and Indonesian food and culture.

Home Economic

Home Economic Skills Menus are designed to cover kitchen skills and techniques which complement and extend Home Economic students.

Global Menus

Multicultural cuisine education through immersive cultural learning modules. Ideal for Humanities, Social Science, International studies and Society and Culture curriculums

Primary School Groups

simplified kitchen skills, kitchen garden and nutrition education classes.

Secondary School Groups

Asian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Mexican, European. The cooking class puts food, cooking, nutrition and culture into context and gives students a first hand experience of the customs and cultural influences that influence societies and traditions around the globe.


School Camp Activities

We are situated around the corner from Woodhouse Activity Centre and Arbury Park and a short distance from Mylor Adventure Park. A private cooking class experience can be added as an optional day trip activity for any school camps staying in these nearby facilities.

As Seen In

Beyond the Classroom

We offer school groups the chance to book our facilities exclusively for the day to embark on a school excursion to the Adelaide Hills. Each program is a unique, fun, educational experience, tailored to enhance and enrich the learnings which are being covered in the classroom.
Our specific programs focus primarily on Language, Culture, Custom and Traditions of Asian and Middle Eastern food whilst our skills-based programs deliver Home Economics and primary school students with tuition that supports and extends their cooking ability and nutritional knowledge.

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What an awesome experience. We did the Tastes of Vietnam…
Yukiko is a great chef and teacher. Outstanding quality ingredients…
A great afternoon with Yuki cooking the Taste of Asia…

What's Included

Our program for schools offers a unique experience for teachers and students wishing to combine a fun hands-on group activity and educational experience with a focus on the connection between Food,Culture and Society.
Each day trip itinerary includes a hands-on cooking class and a sit down lunch, take home gift for each student and recipes to share with family and friends.

We have provided a lesson plan and rubric example at this link Recommended Read

Benefits of bringing your students to us


Heath and Nutrition

Kitchen skills and nutrition education is an essential life skill for all. Our classes promote healthy and varied nutritional food choices and menus designed to empower the next generation into good health.


Japanese and Indonesian

For our language students are cooking classes can also be delivered in Japanese or Indonesian language.

Peer Bonding

Hands-on cooking class

Our classes are hands-on and act as a team bonding activity that breaks down personal barriers and promotes healthy camaraderie within the group


Asian,Middle Eastern, Spanish, Mexican, European.

The cooking class puts food, cooking, nutrition and culture into context and gives students a first hand experience of the customs and cultural influences that influence societies and traditions around the globe.

Expert Chefs

Tuition and Education

The chef educators are well-travelled and bring the dishes to life with their first hand knowledge of being in the country of origin. They share engaging and inspiring travel stories and food provenance knowledge which enriches the experience and gives it additional educational context.

Our Venue

Adelaide Hills

Asian inspired buildings include a large purpose built teaching kitchen, a dining room decorated in Thai and Japanese antiques and an outdoor Balinese courtyard. It is located in Stirling, Adelaide Hills 14 Km or a 20 min drive from the CBD and you will be greeted by a 2 meter stone Buddah statue at the entrance.
There are also 3 Asian Villas on site, available for viewing by arrangements for those students interested in Asian Architecture.



All about School Group cooking classes

We can accommodate school groups of 10-30 students.

Prices fluctuate depending on length of class, inclusions and group size. Please contact us for a quote.

Most school groups arrive at 10am and depart at 2pm- however we can be flexible to suit your itinerary and allowing time for travel to and from school.

Our standard 4 hour classes include time for a sit down lunch. Take away is optional if preferred.

Yes we organise menus and dietary requirements with you as part of the planning process so everyone is safe and well looked after.

Please contact our friendly staff at the office to check on availability for your preferred date and we will help you book in via tel or email. 8339 1314

We have a downloadable brochure with more info and testimonials at this link or please contact our friendly staff at the office via tel or email. 8339 1314

Yes as an authentic Japanese immersion experience, Yukiko who is from Osaka, can interact with the students both in Japanese and English during the day and explain the cultural influences and regional context of the dishes being prepared.

A Japanese Class menu example


Pork Gyoza (pan fried pork dumpling served with soy vinegar and Ra-yu)


Teriyaki chicken

Inari-sushi (stuffed sushi in sweet bean curd pocket ) or Japanese fried rice with bacon and egg

Miso soup with silken tofu and wakame

An Indonesian Class menu example


            ayam satay with kacang sauce-marinated chicken satay with peanut sauce


Pepes ikan-flathead fillets marinated in a spice paste with lime leaf and tomato then wrapped in banana leaf and barbequed or grilled

  •       urap sayur-snake bean and fresh coconut salad


·        nasi kuning-turmeric rice, eaten at special occasions and ceremonies