World Cuisine Classes

4 hours Hours
$ 165-$170

Its no secret that at Sticky Rice we focus on lots and lots of the Asian dishes in our class menus but we also have some amazing chefs who specialize in other, less well known world cuisines. Historic traditions, geography, local produce and generational influences, define the distinct taste identity of global cuisines. Little by little, the more we eat our way around the world, the more we see patterns emerge and take note of similarities among ingredients and flavour profiles. These culinary learnings, in turn, give us a better understanding of the world. If this sounds like you, these 4 hour hands-on classes take a deeper dive into the history and culinary traditions and culinary practices that bring to life, diverse food from such places as Sri Lanka, Morocco, Spain, India, African Caribbean and the French Mediterranean. Class sizes are limited to 18 and its hands on for everyone working together, alongside these specialty chefs. Lunch or dinner is included as well as complimentary wine.

Cost $165-$170