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Set in a 120 year old stone home in the heart of Stirling, Cocos Hair and Day Spa is changing lives for the better. That may sound dramatic but when you think…
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Set in a 120 year old stone home in the heart of Stirling, Cocos Hair and Day Spa is changing lives for the better.

That may sound dramatic but when you think about the lift in your mood and self esteem that you get, when you have a new hairstyle and colour, when you love what you see in the mirror, when you suddenly have more Insta posts to share, then I don’t think you can disagree.

My life changes for the better when I am physically and mentally rejuvenated and my body loves me when I give it some TLC payback for all the hard work that it does for me.
It’s hard to find something else in life (other than illicit substances I assume) that can transform you mentally and physically in such a short space of time. Coffee and chocolate spring to mind of course but even the kids’ haircuts include frothy hot chocolate and a cute little biscuit on the side at this establishment.

Coco’s Day Spa can lift that mood just a little higher than most. They specialise in indulgent spa services, can customise your massage, top with champagne and strawberries and finish with Red Cacao Chocolate and you have yourself a recipe made in heaven. Take it from me you will sip and savour these sumptuous treats while your body composes a gratitude list for you.

You’ll find Cocos Hair and Day Spa in the heart of Stirling which is only 1.5km from the Sticky Rice Villas, thus perfect to include in your luxury escape to the Hills.

When you walk in the door you will get an immediate feeling of love, it’s a warmth that wraps around you and sort of invites you to stay.
If you head up the gorgeous wooden staircase you will find their luxurious Day Spa with warm towels and hot body wraps, bubbling hydro spa and candle lit ambience just waiting for you …or two. The lighting is soft, the voices are soothing and the treatments are next level.

This is special and I mean special, so you too can change someone’s life for the better. You could buy them a Cocos Hair and Day Spa gift voucher for Christmas and wrap it up with a big warm hug.

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