Sticky Rice Cooking School: Cooking Classes & Charity Events in 2024

Explore our Cooking School’s commitment to charity with the Donate a Kitchen Program. Nominate your charity event and enjoy a memorable fundraiser in our kitchen space. Join us in supporting…

Explore our Cooking School’s commitment to charity with the Donate a Kitchen Program. Nominate your charity event and enjoy a memorable fundraiser in our kitchen space. Join us in supporting local causes!

At Sticky Rice Cooking School, we believe in the power of food to bring communities together and make a difference. For the past 15 years, we’ve proudly supported numerous charities, including OZ Harvest’s Cooking for a Cause program, which helps feed those in need. As we celebrate our 16th year in business, we’re thrilled to announce our commitment to giving back even more in 2024 through our innovative “Donate a Kitchen Program.”

Our pledge is simple yet impactful: we’re opening our doors to charity events that align with our mission and values. Whether you’re organizing a fundraising gala, culinary workshop, or bake sale, we want to hear from you. Together, let’s create memorable experiences while making a positive impact on our community.


How You Can Make a Difference in 2024:

  1. Nominate Your Culinary Charity Event: Starting February 2024, we invite our cherished customers to nominate their charity events. Whether you’re planning an event for the near future or later in the year, we’re dedicated to making it a success. Simply reach out to us with your event details, and let’s work together to turn your vision into reality.
  2. Our Commitment: We carefully select events that align with our calendar and values. If chosen, Sticky Rice Cooking School will generously provide our kitchen space for your charity event. This means that you can maximise the success from ticket sales and fundraising activities to help your cause.
  3. How to Get Involved: Visit our website to share details about your event, including the date, charity or cause, and the nature of your fundraiser. Whether you’re planning a cooking demo, bake night, or shared seasonal dinner, we’re here to provide you with a venue and support every step of the way.

Please note that while we can assist with smaller events, the responsibility for staffing, organization, and marketing lies with you. Together, let’s make your event a resounding success while supporting causes that matter.

For those who wish to experience our kitchen in action firsthand, we also offer a range of cooking classes and demonstration events. Enroll now to hone your culinary skills while supporting our charitable initiatives.

Raffle and Prize Ideas: Consider leveraging our gift vouchers as a fundraising tool. Encourage bidding on items donated by you, from our voucher page to raise additional funds for your cause.


Tips on Planning Your Culinary Charity Event:

Organizing a successful charity event requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create an impactful and memorable experience:

  1. Define Your Purpose and Goals: Clearly outline the purpose of your event and set measurable goals for funds raised and impact achieved.
  2. Create a Budget: Establish a budget to cover expenses and identify potential sources of revenue.
  3. Choose the Right Venue: Select a venue that aligns with your event’s theme and can accommodate your attendees.
  4. Build a Strong Team: Assemble a dedicated team to assist with planning and execution, defining roles and responsibilities accordingly.
  5. Secure Sponsorships: Seek out sponsors who align with your cause and offer various sponsorship packages.
  6. Choose an Engaging Theme: Select a theme that resonates with your audience and integrates seamlessly into your event.
  7. Plan Engaging Activities: Incorporate interactive elements to keep attendees engaged, such as guest speakers, auctions, or raffles.
  8. Marketing and Promotion: Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to generate interest and attract attendees through various channels.
  9. Ticket Sales and Registration: Set reasonable ticket prices and utilize online ticketing platforms for easy registration.
  10. Provide Clear Information: Communicate event details clearly and consistently to keep attendees informed.
  11. Logistics and Operations: Develop a detailed timeline for the event and coordinate logistics such as catering and transportation.
  12. Volunteer Coordination: Recruit and train volunteers to assist with various tasks during the event.
  13. Engage with Attendees: Foster a positive atmosphere and encourage interaction with your cause through storytelling and displays.
  14. Express Gratitude: Acknowledge sponsors, volunteers, and attendees during and after the event, sharing the impact of funds raised.
  15. Post-Event Evaluation: Assess the success of the event and collect feedback for future improvements.

Together, let’s create meaningful experiences and make a positive impact through culinary charity events. Visit our website to get started and join us in cooking for great charitable causes at Sticky Rice Cooking School

We also offer private cooking classes for corporate team building and private celebrations events. You can download all you need to know from our respective private class and team building brochures


Remember, by cooking together, we can make a difference in the lives of those in need. Let’s embark on this journey together and create lasting change, one meal at a time.


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